In today’s world, where technology advances at a startling pace, networks are growing in volume and complexity, and cyber-attacks are ever more malicious, protecting your organization is a crucial unending challenge

Slow responses and inadequate tools can compromise your network, allowing attackers to break into your network, compromise your data, and exist without being detected.

Security teams need to understand: Who is attacking? What is being attacked? What is the impact on my organization? Where do I investigate?


IBM® QRadar® Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is one of the top IBM products that provide a next generation solution, that can grow with your organization, support its growing infrastructure, and deliver a common user experience to many groups across the organization.

QRadar SIEM will help your security team accurately and timely detect threats across your network, and enable them to quickly respond, and minimize or avoid the impact of the attacks. With an advanced Sense Analytics Engine at its core, QRadar captures real-time log event and network flow data, and applies advanced analytics to expose the tracks of potential attacker

Ingest vast amounts of data from on-prem and cloud.
Automatically parses and normalizes logs
Flexible architecture can be deployed on-prem or on cloud
Applies built-in analytics to accurately detect threats.
Threat intelligence and support for STIX/TAXII
Highly scalable, self-tuning and self-managing database
Correlate related activities to prioritize incidents
Integrates out-of-the-box with 450 solutions