The world of data protection is more complex today than it’s ever been before. Data collection continues to grow and is even more dynamic; because data is so valuable, it moves and evolves as it is used for different purposes from online transactions or web applications, through data marts and warehouses for business reporting, and into big data platforms for in-depth analysis or long-term storage.

Data is used in a variety of ways, thus more and more users and developers are touching this data. Not all think about security, nor do they have the coding skills to build in security from the ground up. Thus, it is even more important that the layer of data protection closest to the data is up to the job in this new and riskier environment.


IBM® Security Guardium® is a suite of products designed to safeguard critical data wherever it resides. In an age when data growth is explosive and risks to personal and sensitive information lurk around every corner, having this capability across all environments and data sources is critical to business success.

More adaptable and easier to use in a dynamic IT environment
Scans databases and their infrastructures for vulnerabilities.
Easy UI customization.
Evolved analysis and intelligence capabilities and breadth of coverage, such as protection for file system data.
Improved user experience.
Simplified report management and discovery.
Continuously monitors databases and access in the enterprise.
A scenario-based task flow to discover and protect sensitive data.
Streamlined audit process builder.