Secure Your Biggest Vulnerability

Your Privileged Users

Security threats can come through the front door

Every organization has privileged users—those employees, partners, even customers granted special access to data and applications. But these users may not be who you think they are. Their actions often come with high risk—and enormous consequences—to the security, integrity and availability of your services.

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of all attacks in last year are insider related attacks, up from 55% in prior year.
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insider attacks occurred when a privileged user altered and reset controls to avoid detections​

Where possible, automated preventive or corrective controls should be established to block changes to the components critical to the security of your systems, applications and data. The reality is: Poor security is often implemented by the privileged user. So it is important to control what these users can do, even if they have the highest levels of privilege.

IT is not a luxury , it is a must

Data security & Privileged User Security are not a luxury

To  protect against users, the next step is to add protection against threats such as segregation-of-duties violations that create conflict of interest, breaches and theft that take advantage of poorly managed user accounts, lack of recertification that fails to ensure users have only the access they need, and lack of strong authentication that fails to ensure only the people who have been granted access are the ones actually using it.

Three key layers of capabilities form the foundation for this comprehensive security approach:

Data security

  • Discovering, classifying, protecting and monitoring sensitive data
  • Encrypting user credentials
  • Encrypting data at rest and data in motion

Privileged access management

  • Administering and governing users’ access permissions and roles
  • Providing strong multi-factor authentication for privileged users

Security intelligence

  • Monitoring and auditing privileged user activity
  • Identifying anomalous behavior
  • Reporting on compliance policy adherence

Best Technology & Services in the market

Brining it all together

Data Activity Monitor

A comprehensive solution for data protection, including comprehensive data and file activity monitoring. With Guardium, organizations monitor detailed activity against databases or files. Guardium provides real-time alerting and detailed analytics to help you uncover unauthorized insider activity, even activity that occurs over time , securing sensitive data acces .

IBM® Guardium

Privileged Access Manager

A solution that helps mitigate insider threats by centrally managing and auditing the use of privileged access credentials.If you have privileged account credentials that are managed by IBM Security Privileged Access Manager, you can perform database activities by using a shared account that the user checks out.Keeping all types of privileged accounts safe.

IBM® Secret Server

Cybersecurity Services

From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services to cloud and managed security services, ITS has the expertise to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals. Our security services enable you to activate intelligence, innovate without introducing risk, and mature your program over time.Partner with ITS for security services to build a solid  security program

ITS Services


understanding how it all works together

Control and Authentication

To provide higher authentication assurance for database privileged users, the solution makes sure user authentication requires multiple authentication factors to protect access by privileged and highly entitled users. Both solutions help reduce business risk by enforcing strong security policy and best practices.

Integrated, Automated Security Capabilities

With IBM Guardium Data Activity Monitor (DAM), companies are producing insightful reports to show details of data activities such as who executed an activity, when it was executed, where the activity occurred, and how it happened.

If you have privileged account credentials that are managed by IBM Security Privileged Access Manager, you can perform database activities by using a shared account that the user checks out.

Before the integration, IBM Guardium would be able to only “see” the shared account ID, with no way to correlate that activity with a real person who checked out the account.

For creating a clear audit trail and to hold people accountable, it is important to identify the actual user who leased the PAM shared credential.

The Guardium and PAM integration can show the detailed activity and correlate it with the real user who checked out the credential.

Access and Identity Governance

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager is designed to protect, automate and audit the use of privileged identities with centralized capabilities to guard against insider threats, improve access control and reduce security risk.

IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence helps reduce access policy violations by connecting compliance, business and IT points of view and simplifying processes for designing, reviewing and certifying user access and roles.

  • Provides greater accountability with enhanced control of shared privileged user IDs
  • Improves security with policy-based password management
  • Eliminates the need to share passwords and hardcode passwords in applications
  • Provides automated password management and single sign-on for high-risk account access
  • Helps deter malfeasance by users and support compliance using session recording and replay • Supports compliance with processes for approving and granting access permissions


Insight for Data Compliance

IBM Guardium empowers teams to protect against threats and loss by automatically finding and classifying sensitive data, analyzing access patterns, detecting threats, preventing unauthorized database access, and protecting data through real-time blocking, quarantining and encryption.

Guardium: Monitoring user activity

  • Mitigates insider threat with real-time monitoring of privileged users’ access to sensitive data
  • Provides analytic insight and compliance by creating audit logs in a common format for comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Includes automated compliance workflows and pre-packaged templates to support mandates
  • Supports a broad set of data sources including databases, applications, data warehouses, file shares and big data
  • Provides automation and intelligence to help reduce total cost of ownership and improve manageability

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